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Welcome to the history of Fazzy shop !

Whether you want to become a fashion illustrator or want to know more about my journey, you’ve come to the right place!

Being a fashion illustrator has changed my life, it has given me the freedom I always wanted but it has also opened up a lot of new doors for me and paved a new road for me to follow, on my own terms. Whether you’re an artist, designer photographer or any type of creative and looking to pursue your passion, here is how I got there, and maybe this way you can too!

Fashion Illustration allows me to pursue my creativity in such a unique way. In the early times, when fashion was increasing in popularity with women, the Parisian woman were bold, sexy and brave. They challenged limits and weren’t afraid of expressing themselves. This is why so many of the early illustrations that adorned the Vogue covers featured French women. Fashion artists desired nothing more than to draw french women because of their fashion and uniqueness. During this time, women in America began to notice the beautifully illustrated and photographed stylish French women. Fashion travelled across the ocean and American women began embracing the boldness and stylish clothing of the French. For so many years, American women admired the Parisian women and overtime, much of the Parisian culture had adapted into America, much revolving around fashion. And so, year after year, our admirations may change slightly, however if you ever find yourself dreaming of Paris fashions and lifestyle, know that it is embedded into our history.

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